My fellows in the city rejected me, whether out of fear, or the fact we’re all loners by nature. “Don’t you touch me!” the homeless man screamed at me, “Don’t touch my stuff!” The area where I was in was less than appealing. This particular Chicago winter wasn’t harsh, but it wasn’t pleasant. The freezing necessitated that I find a warm place or get a hotel. Hotels have less exits than you might think– a story for another time. The man tottered onward, content I wasn’t going to steal his junk. He’d probably stab me in the throat for my laptop if he knew IRead More →

Learning the lost ways of the Knights was so difficult that learning to use my new arm was only slightly harder. The process of attaching the arm tops them both, however. I flexed it, turning it over and examining the silver ingrained sigil. It was asleep, as Master Roger says. It had only been a week since the day I ended my priesthood, entering into the service of the Knights, and we found ourselves barrelling toward our first mission. The books piled upon me were heavy with contradiction to some of the teachings of the church and exceptions for people such as our order. MyRead More →

My indoctrination into the Church began very young. I was raised Catholic and proud throughout my life. One of the things that stuck with me is the trials and tribulations I was put under as a boy. The local priest guided us on the good and honest path, although he seemed content to let us be boys at the times we were wont to. He seemed to take extra care, as we got older, that we were more strict about our adherence to the Lord as we got older. Food drives, homeless shelters, blood drives, animal shelters, and so on. Years in studies, time awayRead More →

I saw some of the weirdest stuff, and I have seen people do some pretty weird stuff on the internet. I watch it all, and I can watch extraordinary amounts as technology attaches more gizmos and cameras to our worldwide network. News crews put up cameras you can connect to and watch actual traffic if you don’t believe their helicopters. Regular businesses have them and sometimes connect them online for their own viewing…but leave a backdoor in. Oops. I’ll admit, I have a penchant for watching terrible things happen. There are areas on the South Side that I watch with a passion normally reserved forRead More →

I’m an asshole. Let me restate that, I think I’m an asshole, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. To the point, I could have been doing a lot more with my life. My mother raised three boys, which had to be hard enough, but my dumb ass didn’t respect that. My oldest brother by three years was already doing time. My youngest brother I do my damndest to keep out of trouble. I bring him to church every Sunday and dress up in my finest with my mother and my Grandmother. I give him any money he needs, but he isn’t allowedRead More →

I felt the peak of the ceremony flow over me, my body bathed in star and moon. Thanking the others, I performed the ritual of closing the circle, dismissing the quarters. Shrugging back into a comfortable robe, a witch is not without her comforts, I sat in the pentacle, eyes closed and meditated. It was a good event, as Jane and Andrea managed to keep their hands off each other. Keeping balance in the flow of energy, while keeping my coven happy were sometimes two different things. But so I was too, many years ago, more eager for the physical than the spiritual finale, soRead More →

Do you have a place that makes you feel comfortable and safe? Mine was my grandfather’s house, God rest his soul, and if I was so bold I would say it was like touching a slice of heaven. As I trudged up the hill, I saw Father O’Leary’s slice, his church. It was as if the Lord willed it into being, created in time long past, grown from the hill itself. The Vatican saw fit to send me in person for his messages, likely because this place was untouched by technology, as the ‘no signal’ on my cell phone showed. I was not shocked toRead More →

I recently returned from a hiking trip where I found this journal. The journal seems to be that of an older teenage girl, “Serena Murphy” as the cover says, along with a phone number. Serena’s Journal   Day 1 I’m writing in this book dad got me because last time we did this I was SO BORED. We’re going hiking for like a month. Or a week. Whatever. It may as well be a month since there is no wifi up here. Or cell phone service. I already miss chocolate. And candy. And pretty much everything. < there are a number of hearts and “nomRead More →