School the next day was different, brighter somehow. I felt like running the track a hundred times, or eating ten pounds of hamburgers. Life was pretty good, at least until I actually got there. I seized up, feeling the anxiety of being around people well up inside me and a cold sweat begin to form. “Don’t worry about them,” Jeremy said by my side. “You can do this.” “Can they see you? Oh god I’m talking to a cat in school,” I grumbled to myself. “They cannot see me if I don’t want them to. And your words to me won’t be heard aloud, it’sRead More →

Did you ever feel the need to jump off a high place and end your life? At 18, I stood near the edge of my college building. Not on the edge, I didn’t want to attract attention, and it was late at night. I just wanted it to be over, to let the night take my pain and sight away. “If you don’t jump now, you’ll never lead a normal life again,” said a voice from behind me. I started, looking around and seeing nobody. The door still remained shut and jammed in case someone came up. “I’m Jeremy Monroe,” the British sounding voice saidRead More →