Dancing in the Darkness

Dancing in the Darkness

I don’t mean to say I literally danced with demons, but I do make the occasional contract with them for my immortal soul. It wasn’t until the second summoning that I realized demon’s don’t talk with each other much, or their interns, or whoever they used to make these binding legal agreements. Long story short, you can make quite a number of demonic contracts with a single soul. I’m sure there’s a clause in there about this sort of thing, or maybe I’m the first person to make multiple contracts. I guess I’ll find out when I’m dead.

Speaking of which, that’s what I was trying to avoid at this very minute, slinking through the sewers as creatures, probably mostly human, whispered my name. Looking for a good time they said with their mouths, but the knives said otherwise. I knew these tunnels better than my own body. Simple gang bangers, but I was a traveler of these roads. Who knew better than I what was a simple mark of graffiti versus a sign pointing to a safe waystation? And with the demonic night vision, I doubled their speed easily, even with their phone flashlights.

I guessed correctly in that they were desperate. I mean, who would chase a hooker deep into these tunnels just because their dick is hard? Their voices echoed off the walls around me, and I shuddered slightly, thinking about the things they would do, must have done, to others who didn’t have my many talents.

They entered my room without hesitation, and I let out a gasp. I could hear their breath increase as they saw my clothes on the floor at the opposite end of the room. Three of them, one more than I had seen on the subway platform they chased me from. No matter, I could still take them.

The first one reached my clothes and uncovered the bucket and mop they were draped over. Displeased, to say the least. My chest silently popped, ribs extending outward from my skin, and dripping ichor down onto one of them. I lowered down from the ceiling just as he looked up and bit into his neck. He let out a small squeak of air and went rigid as I dragged him back upwards with me into the vaulted ceiling.

The others were arguing among each other what a waste it was to chase some dumb hooker down into the tunnels.

“Oh boys, it’s not a waste at all,” I said from my hiding place.

They glanced around, finally looking upward. And shrieked as only those who have lost their mind could.

I lowered myself again onto one of them, wrapping my extended clawlike ribs around his torso and tearing out his insides in one fell swoop. The other ran directly into the doorway, filled with my webbing.

Contracts with demons do have their drawbacks. One of which happens to be this body I’m in. It gets very hungry and has particular tastes. And hunger strikes at the oddest of moments. See you on the “L”.