Announcement: New Novel “Voidflesh”

Announcement: New Novel “Voidflesh”

Harper’s modern world ends abruptly, tossed into chaos and threatened by creatures that shouldn’t exist. She struggle’s to survive in a world where the rules have changed, horror has come to life, and ancient magic resurfaces.

I’ve had this idea bouncing around for a while now and couldn’t quite figure out how to get it going. Three outlines were thrown out, along with two non-starter chapters. Two things were required, more practice, and to figure out how to flesh out how to get from point A to point B. The idea came while writing short stories of all things, which I love to do. I’ve tried the snowflake method, three step, seven step, and so on. But writing a short story came naturally to me, I could sit down, crank out some ideas, and then explode them into a useful story.

My personal method was just an extension of that, each chapter thought of as a short story, but continuous. I’m reasonably certain other writers¬†think of chapters as natural stories in themselves, but for whatever reason this came across as a brand new idea to me. I don’t honestly know if this method has a name yet. If not, I dub thee the Void Story Method.

This book does not have a deadline or a release date.

I am reasonably sure you should see it by the end of 2017.

Meanwhile, I will continue to write stories on The ones in the “What Waits…” series are intended to be a sort of brainstorming and backstory to the events in “Voidflesh” (working title). There is a lot going on, some mystery and detective work required, and of course horror.

I have plans for this to be a multi-series set, in the same vein as Dresden Files or Legend of Drizzt, we’ll see how it goes! If you’re a publisher or literary agent, I’m considering the traditional route.

More details to come in the future!